My favorite thing in the world to do online is help make information clearer for people.


I want my students to overcome all the hurdles, break down information barriers, learn all the tricks of the trade, get insights and not re-invent the wheel!

As a 20+ year online content creator, I am passionate about helping the next generation of digital publishers accomplish their goals.

I have the track record so you know I’ve been there and can help you find your way. I have founded close to a dozen blogs, including award-winning and highly trafficked and profitable ones with a reach of over 70 million and currently 10M annually. I have guest spoken, lectured or taught at conferences, panels and events, including at Yale University, University of Maryland at College Park, College of Journalism, Penn State University and Georgetown, and won accolades and acknowledgments from the digital and publishing industries for my work.

Right now, my goal is clear!

I want you to get to your destination faster and to spend less time, money and effort in the process!

I’ve been a lot of things but I keep coming back to serving


Hi, I’m Jay Jay, your digital content guru. For over two decades, I have created and curated top quality content and managed websites, blogs and social media accounts for non profits, colleges and universities, small businesses, recording artists and others. 

I’ve been a national newspaper columnist, journalist, blogger and editor of my own top ranked, award-winning, high trafficked blogs.

Along the way, I’ve helped hundreds of others who are traveling their own journey to communicate, engage, inform, connect and build communities online through my how to videos on my Youtube channel and online learning platform, Digital Publishing Academy.

After a career of growing profitable websites and blogs that reach audiences of over 10 million people, I am now turning my attention to helping out others attempt to reach similar gains and success…