Pinterest Marketing and YouTube Growth Strategists

Work with one of the best experts in the field that we know and recommend.

Pinterest Ad Expert

Heather Farris

Heather Farris manages a Pinterest Marketing and management agency with a focus on Pinterest ad strategy and marketing. When you’re tired of throwing money down the drain with Facebook  ad campaigns that don’t convert, hire Heather and her team!

Pinterest Ad Expert

Paula Marie

Paula Marie is a Pinterest Expert who is superb at providing introductory pathways to business and individuals starting on Pinterest for business and are totally new to the platform. She is a calm and patient voice who answers all questions and guides her students as they formulate their ideal client on the platform. She has helped her clients see the big picture so they can start their Pinterest journey the right way. Paula Marie has hosted several Pinterest boot camps throught the year.


 Pinterest Marketing

Meagan Williamson

One of the veteran and best known Pinterest experts, Meagan Williamson, has an online community and platform where she and her team do a phenomenal job taking your Pinterest account from zero to 100 through weekly calls, audits, recorded lessons, guests and more!  Jay Jay Ghatt is a three year member of Meagan’s Pin Potential Facebook community and has learned a tremendous about the platform and her own business by being active in the community.




YouTube Strategist

Roberto Blake

With over 500,000 subscribers, Roberto is a notable, respected and wise voice on the platform. Through his channel, website and coaching services, Roberto arms rising, existing and even veteran video content creators, particuarly, YouTubers on how to grow subscribers and viewers and monetize their channels.

Pinterest Course

Favour Obasi-ike

Pinterest and SEO marketer, Favour Obasi-ike is the brilliant and introspective mind behind the Pinterest Marketing course that teaches you everything you need to know about Pinterest, from openng up a Pinterest for Business account, keywords for SEO, to how to create the perfect captions to get your pins noticed and how to run successful Pinterst ads.  He offers course support during and after.