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As a 10+ year creator, social media coach and consultant, I help demystify social media and share tools with new creators to help them along their creator joruney


Creator Tools

After scaling several business to over 100M+ in views and 100K in sales, I've used a lot of creator tools and here are my recommendations

Pinterest Business SetUp

Get this if you want to go from casual Pinterest for fun user to a Pinterest business user and unlock all the opportunities for growth.

YouTube SetUp Checklist

If you are starting a brand new YouTube channel, there are certain things that you need to do to set it up right! This FREE checklist will help you do it!

Affiliate Marketing Platforms

One way creators earn money is by promoting other people's products and services for a commission. Brands sign up for a few platforms where creators can sign up and get personalized links to track their commissions. Here is a list of platforms to sign up to today. 

Treat Your Creator Journey Like a Business

When you're ready to level up your game as a creator, you need to step up your professionalism. This guide shows you all the things you need to consider for going to the next stage on your creator journey. 

Paid Products

Create a Website in 1 hour

Because social media platforms can kick us off and shut us out of access to followers and subscribers on a whim or a violation, it's best to have your own website and you can create on in an hour!


Get These Creator Legal Templates

If you are a creator, there will be agreements and contracts you need to enter with people who do work for you or who you collaborate with. Save money on an attorney and grab these $10,000 work of legal templats for an amazing super discounted low price for a limited time!

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