Why Social Media

Now more than ever it has become increasingly important for organizations, businesses, individuals, philanthropic organizations, parents, and individuals in every sector of life to be social media savvy. The platforms where people go online to meet, chat, discuss and exchange ideas, news articles, interesting images and music are no longer limited to just young people.


Many pockets of society are using social media to learn of community activities, learn more about local laws where they live, find out additional information about local, state  and national candidates in elections and other initiatives, and to get others’ perspectives on a topic or idea. Social media is also where a lot of customers go to conduct research on a company, brand, initiative. They give it more weight than traditional online research.


With the growth of social media, government organizations, nonprofits, companies and agencies have a new way to communicate with the constituencies, clients and customers they serve, and brands and companies must also be in step and in tune with the tides of concern of their target market, audiences and customers. In an unprecedented way, and compared to the past, managers and offices can use social media to observe, analyze and understand what their citizens and customers are sharing and use that knowledge to improve services to them.


Outreach to a community of service or target or stakeholders market could be more efficient and concise by communicating with- and engaging with those who frequent social media sites as they will carry news and information they learn to their family and friends who are not online. The viral nature of information sharing online enables a very substantial amount of people to quickly learn about a petition, effort, event or feature.


With social media and online media being more pervasive and ubiquitous, it has become increasingly essential for government agencies, brands and companies to have a firm handle on the digital 21st century digital landscape.

How I Help

I offer consultant and training services for managers, supervisors and employees in government agencies, brands and companies. In the clearest and most concise format possible, I present all aspects of the social media landscape.


In addition to training your employees, consultants and independent contractors on how to create and manage a social media strategy for their respective offices, and roles in the organization or company, I also provide some background and insight on the value of the medium so they can better understand the nature of this communication platform.


I also instruct on the legal and policy limitations, rules and regulations that impact social media. I train programmatic leaders on how to develop social media policies and assist human resources departments how to update and implement best practices into their current policies to make sure they are compliant with existing laws. For employees, I show them how to use social media in the process of carrying out their metrics-based day-to-day work and how to incorporate social media outreach into planning and execution of various initiatives.




I can offer to government offices and agencies; nonprofits and companies a series of courses aimed to edify, educate and empower employees, managers, supervisors, independent contractors and consultants contractors that work within most agencies and companies with the functional tools and practical knowledge of the social media landscape and know-how to maneuver within it for the maximum benefit of constituent and market services.


Method of approach


To provide the service, I offer monthly on-site training sessions, virtual webinars, on- demand video, and when needed, one-on-one coaching. The courses include written and digital materials that are available for online use live or on an “on-demand” basis.

There is an audio-visual component to each presentation and a substantial number of case studies and examples are visually presented to assist course participants’ ability to understand and digest the materials presented.


In the alternative, and in some unique cases, I can custom-build from scratch custom curriculum and training for individual offices to accommodate the specific needs of workers, the office make-up and its unique and insular programmatic needs.


Course-creation capacity


I make a menu of courses available on a weekly basis on-site, and as needed. Agencies and clients can select which courses to attend on an a-la carte basis or schedule their employees or social media managers to attend the entire curriculum. If properly created and implemented, an agency or brand’s social media program will enable employees to collaborate, make transparent and assist citizens to be more aware of government and brand offerings.


Capacity, Experience and Skill Set


Copywriting and editing


I have created over 1,000 pieces of content, including opinion pieces, editorial articles, blog posts and other persuasive writings drafted to influence an audience, including potential clients, customers and decision makers. My writing, whether it is a tweet, blog post, or some other form of persuasive or informative content, gets re-shared, discussed and indeed influences readers. I can create similar content from my voice and brand or as a ghostwriter on behalf of a client.


I am also available to ghostwrite research papers and books.


White Paper and Policy Research Papers


If there is a policy initiative, agenda, or regulatory roadmap that needs to be dissected and/or if a client wants to establish its own position on a matter, I am on the job! I have organized the research around the topic and produced top quality white papers and research papers that they can then study and use while formulating a company or organizational “next step” or formal response or reaction.


Social Media Engagement


I have grown online content platforms like blogs and social media accounts to garner over 10Million viewers, readers and listeners and obtain a weekly reach of 1M across several platforms. I know how to create engagement and can manage a brand’s account to encourage growth and brand awareness.


Research & Concept Development


I am capable of becoming an expert in an area of concern, growth or influence and outputting a thorough research paper with recommendations and suggestions. I can also review concepts and create suggestions.  I am a seasoned researcher with a background in persuasive tech law policy am therefore able to identify, anticipate, project and map regulatory and legislative agendas and prepare careful and thoughtful analysis condensed into research white papers, talking points, policy directives or other forms of written or oral advocacy for clients that are interested in motivating and influencing the public, decision makers and other stakeholders.


Public Speaking


I have appeared on television and several political and talk radio shows as a guest, as a panelist and moderator at seminars, conferences, and symposiums on a variety of topics. I am capable of presenting your policy position on behalf of your company as a subject matter expert.


Blogging/Media Writing


I have founded several blogs and online content platforms in the subject areas: productivity, technology, diversity inclusion, women and people of color, business, social media, content marketing, tech and media policy, parenting, hair, fashion, and beauty. I have grown a following and have engaged readers and other audiences by creating quality, thought-provoking, relevant, and timely subjects. I can serve as a content creator, digital content manager or content aggregator, curator and marketer for your company or organization.


Coalition Building


I have relationships with national non-profit, community, consumer, and other advocacy organizations, and have a history of communicating with them and creating coalitions based on similar interests, goals and objectives; and representing their interest before policy and decision makers via oral advocacy and written legal pleadings and advocacy; legislations drafting and more. I can help you form affinity groups among other similarly situated brands, companies or organizations, to expand the breadth and scope of constituency market which would in turn, increase the influence of the coalition’s policy position.


email me at create (at) jayjayghatt.com to get started.

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