Copywriting and editing


I have created over 1,000 pieces of content, including opinion pieces, editorial articles, blog posts and other persuasive writings drafted to influence an audience, including potential clients, customers and decision makers. My writing, whether it is a tweet, blog post, or some other form of persuasive or informative content, gets re-shared, discussed and indeed influences readers. I can create similar content from my voice and brand or as a ghostwriter on behalf of a client.


I am also available to ghostwrite research papers and books.


White Paper and Policy Research Papers


If there is a policy initiative, agenda, or regulatory roadmap that needs to be dissected and/or if a client wants to establish its own position on a matter, I am on the job! I have organized the research around the topic and produced top quality white papers and research papers that they can then study and use while formulating a company or organizational “next step” or formal response or reaction.




Legal Analysis



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