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Jay Jay Ghatt

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My journey has been one of diversity and determination, from immigrating to the United States as a child and swiftly mastering English to pursuing studies in journalism and law.


I have a BA in journalism from the University of Maryland and two law degrees: a JD from Catholic Law and an LLM from Georgetown Law.


Along the way, I've worn many hats: managing PR for an amphitheater, representing a Grammy-winning artist, and crafting legal briefs for the highest court in the land while lobbying federal agencies like the FTC and FCC as a telecommunications, media and technology lawyer.


Now, I'm channeling that wealth of experience into helping brands and creators flourish in the digital world. Through personalized social media strategies, I empower clients to reach their goals, whether it's boosting their online presence or navigating the ins and outs of digital marketing or helping them understand the laws of the creator economy!


You'll catch me sharing insights and sparking learning through platforms like YouTube and TikTok, where knowledge meets entertainment.



Content Creator Business Blueprint

This step-by-step resource helps creators organize their business side effectively, including setting up a free bank account, obtaining a phone number and address, and completing all necessary legal forms to establish a legitimate business, ensuring compliance and minimizing tax liability.  

Cease & Desist Letter

When you see someone using your content without prior consent and approval or payment, you can send them this cease and desist letter! Crafted by legal experts, this letter is a powerful tool to help you protect your intellectual property rights with clarity and authority.


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Content Creator Tools

Unlock the tools, apps, and platforms you need to take your content creator journey to the next level starting at free!




Your $250 Consultation Fee is Credited towards services when you Hire me


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Pick My Brain

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services and offerings



Keep reading for detailed listing on each individaul package

Services Overview

Contract Review

I provide a comprehensive legal agreement review service tailored for content creators, offering meticulous redlining to highlight potential issues and ensure legal compliance. Additionally, clients receive detailed video explanations alongside 14-day support to address any queries or concerns, guaranteeing peace of mind as they navigate their creative endeavors.


TIMELINE: 1-2 Weeks

 Pricing Starts at $500- $800

LLC Formation

I help you prepare your content creator Limited Liability Company by drafting  your Operating Agreement, Organization Agreement, Ficticious Name filing for your state so that it is prime, optimized and ready for filing. This service includes a video walkthrough of the work completed on your behalf, and checklist for filing and support for 14 days after filing. 



Pricing Starts at $500 - $2500

Content Management

I offer a full-suite content management service, crafting, editing, and producing diverse content formats—videos, written pieces, and audio segments—monthly for clients. Alongside content creation, I delve into analytics to manage ROI effectively, strategize organic and ad marketing campaigns, and handle promotions to drive engagement and generate leads, ensuring clients' digital presence thrives with measurable results.


Pricing: Enterprise

Here is how it will go

Book a Call

Once you book a call and pay the $250 consultation fee, we'll arrange a convenient time to discuss your needs. During our chat, I'll provide an estimated cost for the services you require. If you're satisfied and wish to proceed, I'll send you an invoice along with a timeline. Plus, I'll credit the $250 consultation fee towards the total cost of services.

I Do the Work

For agreement reviews, expect thorough feedback within 1-2 weeks, including both written and video critiques, along with clear instructions on how to address the other party. If you need a custom document drafted, I'll deliver a comprehensive folder containing all completed documents and ongoing support.

You Get 14 Day Support

Upon delivery of the audited feedback or documents, you'll have access to me for up to 14 days. During this time, I'll assist with document editing, answer any questions, and provide guidance and support until your document is finalized, filed, or your agreement is resolved or executed

How We Stay Organized and Communicate

Once you’ve booked and are an official client - hooray, I’ll send you a link for your very own client portal right in HoneyBook.


That is where we will keep your entire project organized and communicate. It’s much easier for us both to refer back to one space to find what we need than having to search through 100s of email threads





I value transparency with my clients so I want to provide you just that. Below you will find my communication policies and a general guide of my office hours. If you send me an email, you can expect to hear back from me within 48 business hours, which means if you email me on a Friday you can expect to hear from me by close of business on Monday. I often reply much faster than that, but please keep that in mind if you don’t hear from me right away I might just be staying true to my word and enjoying the life that I have worked hard to build.


My work hours: MONDAY - FRIDAY, 10am - 5pm

Communication hours: MONDAY - FRIDAY, 9am - 4pm


Mailing Address


Phone : +1301.615.2993
Email: [email protected]


Customer Success

What people say

“sources whereas high standards in web readiness. Energistically scale future-proof core competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences. Dramatically synthesize integrated schemas with.”

Luke SmithLuke SmithCEO & Founder odx

Jay Jay helped me upgrade my Pinterest account & with her custom tips, based on her expert knowledge, my account grew by over 200%, and and Click Rate soared to top of industry standard. I highy recomment her. You won't be disappointed.

Linda HandleyLinda HandleyOwner, Linda Handley Nonprofit Fundraising Agency

From thinking through the kids of topics to select from, to the quantity of blogs to post a week, real life case studies, and the art of SEO, instructor Jay Jay broke things down in plain English for those of non-techies! Thanks for the experience !

Neneh DiallohNeneh DiallohPublications specialist

“JayJay Ghatt you really have helped me find a solution for a problem that has really baffled and upset me! I will let anyone with similar issues know about you! You are a star.

Diane PaganDiane PaganOwner, The Imagination Box

Your Consultation Fee is Credited when you book a service

Frequently asked questions

Dive into my FAQ for more details

Wondering how the sevice works? Confused about how it can improve your links?

What is covered during audits and agreement reviews?I take a complete top down approach when reviewing your account or influencer rate card or media kit. I conduct a video recording of the audit going through things you need to change, and offer concrete suggestions, and deliver the recording to you.

After I purchase a service, what happens next?Within 24-48 hours of payment, a member of my team will reach out to you via email and/or telephone to discuss the timing and turn around of service and book review calls if requested.

After an audit, is there an opportunity to ask questions?Yes! Every audit comes with a complimentary up-to-one hour Zoom or telephone session to clarify advice given in the recorded audit.

How do your do-it-for-you services work?Yes, all social media management and engagement services require a three month  minimum commitment. There is a rights and responsibilities terms of service agreement that lists other requirements such as  content library but the details are discussed prior to start.

Is there ever a waitlist or can I expect immediate service?At times, depending on our bandwidth and client work load, we may be unable to accept new clients, and during our intake process, we sometimes realize that there isn’t a fit.


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