Hi! I'm Jay Jay!

digital and social media marketing expert

My Journey

I've worn a lot of hats, had many wins and many losses but always come back to my roots: teaching.

After immigrating to the United States at the age of 4, I spoke 4 languages but none of them English. I learned eventually and couldn't stop speaking. The love of language lead to college for journalism, then law school and some amazing accomplishments. I did PR for an ampitheter in North Carolina. I was a publicist for a Grammy-award winning singer and good college friend, I wrote a U.S. Supreme Court brief, lobbied White House and Congress and was an FM radio show co-host all before the age of 40! 


In my Act II, after a disappointing fall from grace after allowing myself to get scammed and being forced to exit law practice, I re-branded and went all in on my first love: media, traditional and social media, learning all there was to know about both and digital marketing. I joined various platforms, won a few awards, founded my own annual award and was selected to join a few creator classes of cohorts.


I now bring my depth and wealth of knowledge to growing brands, instructing others on how social media work and leveraging opportunities for brands and creators.


I cand be found on YouTube or Tik Tok spreading knowledge and having a bit of fun in between.  

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